Gemas Mea FZCO


I purchased a Dolphin 300i, which I have been extremely happy with and then out of the blue it stopped working. I contacted Sinan at Gemas, who was extremely professional and had his technicians look at my machine. The well trained technicians at Gemas not only found the fault and fixed it, but also completely serviced and replaced the tracks and belt drive. Thank you Sinan for your and your teams excellent, fast and professional service, which is very difficult to find anywhere these days. I not only highly recommend Gemas to anyone looking for pool products and value excellent service, but also the Dolphin pool cleaning robots, which makes keeping your pool clean effortless compared to other methods.
1) GEMAS is our supplier for Swimming Pool Items.
2) We are dealing with GEMAS since 2018.
3) Employees of Gemas are very cooperative and profesional.
4) Office staff is very efficient and have quick service or response on client
inquiry/ complaint.
5) we have great experience to work with GEMAS
We have used many products of Gemas which is working in good condition. Sand filters, pumps, chlorinators, heat cool pump etc. Almost all products related to sw pool are available here and it's reliable.
The product is one of the best I have ever seen / used in terms of Quality and Price range.
I have to say that the management especially Mr. Sinan is so friendly and professional on his job.
Great product...... Highly recommended
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