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Gemas Turbidron SL, Side Mounted Pool Sand Filters

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Filter shell made of smooth ABS plastic which decreases algea and bacteria cling. Complete with easy opening threaded, large and transparent lid (diameter is 2cm larger than bolted lid), Complete with pressure gauge and side mounted multiport valve. OPTIONAL LIGHTING TOUCHPAD BUTTON WITH BATTERY to observe inside the filter. Maximum Working Pressure 2,5 kg/cm2. Test Pressure 4 kg/cm2. Filtration Rate 50 m³/h/m².

D e s c r i p t i o n Code Pieces/box Weight Kg Volume m³
Ø 500 mm - 10 m3/h 1 1/2” M.valve 021712S 1    
Ø 630 mm - 17 m3/h 1 1/2” M.valve 021713S 1    
Ø 710 mm - 21 m3/h 2” M.valve 021714S 1    
Ø 830 mm - 27 m3/h 2” M.valve 021715S 1    
Ø 900 mm - 32 m3/h 2” M.valve 021716S 1    
Ø 1000 mm - 40 m3/h 2 1/2” M.valve exc. 021717S 1    


Technical Data Sheet (Turbidron_SL_Bobin_Wound_Filter_Data_Sheet.pdf, 354 Kb) [Download]


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