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Gemas Puritron Salt - Water Chlorinator

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Salt Water Chlorinators produce chlorine by electrolysis of pool water with salinity of teardrop. The device has a standart cleaning cycle process (by switching polarity) against calcification inside electrode cell. Numeric screen shows the working percentage and current value in ampers. According to total hardness of the pool water, Switching Polarity Cycle could be arranged from 1 to 8 hours. Factory Setting is once in every 6 hours. Device saves the total working hour. Electrodes are made of titanium and have a 10.000 hours long life. It can be installed to every existing pool. All models can be used in seawater. The recommended salinity rate is 4000 ppm (4kg/m3). The approximate salinity in sea water is 35.000 ppm.


064250 - Puritron GSC-10
064260 - Puritron GSC-20
064270 - Puritron GSC-30

In addition to the above mentioned specifications, the required software and hardware are already been installed which enables automatic pH control. The device is installed on a panel complete with pH electrodes, electrode flow cell and 2 l/h dosing pump.

064251 - Puritron-101, with Automatic pH control
064261 - Puritron-201, with Automatic pH control
064271 - Puritron-301, with Automatic pH control


Model Pool Volume (m³) Cl Prod.
Current DC
Energy Consumption
Puritron SC-10 0 - 50 15 8 220 V/l 7 15 145 37 x 31 x 22
Puritron SC-20 0 - 100 22 3,2 220 V/l 25 4,7 190 47,5 x 17 x 35
Puritron SC-30 100 - 170 33 3,5 220 V/l 25 6,9 300 47,5 x 17 x 35


06430YE - SC-10 Spare Electrode
06425YE - SC-20 Spare Electrode
06426YE - SC-30 Spare Electrode


Technical Data Sheet (Gemas_Puritron_Salt_Chlorinator_Technical_Data_Sheet.pdf, 333 Kb) [Download]


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