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GEMAS Heat Pump

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The feautres of GEMAS Heat Pumps

  1. Ecological and economical heating
    1. Use environment friendly advanced refrigerant R410a.
    2. Minimize carbon footprint and noxious gas emissions.
    3. Hydrophilic aluminum foil evaporator
    4. Electric expansion valve
    5. Transfer nature's "free energy" from outside air to your pool.
    6. Save more than 4/5 cost of the traditional heating, smart for your budget.
    7. Compressor 5 years, heat exchanger 2 years, whole unit 1 year warranty against production defaults.
  2. “IceMelt" with wide ambient working condition: -5℃ to +55℃, RH: %78
    1. Extend swimming season longer than ordinary heat pumps
    2. Continue to heat in freezing temperature to minimize heat loss
    3. Cool your pool to a refreshing temperature
    4. Auto defrosting to melt ice
    5. Set to heat, cool or auto mode
  3. Reliable compressor
    1. State of the art technology,T3. Specially invented for heat pumps in hot ambient temperatures.
    2. Highest efficiency, Quietest operation, Superior durability
  4. Titanium pipe heat exchanger and copper piping
    1. Spiral threaded GR1 quality titanium pipe, heat exchanger
    2. Impervious to chemical corrosion
    3. Durability without sacrificing performance
    4. Heats water faster and more efficiently
    5. 19mm diameter and 1.0mm wall thickness copper piping
  5. Microprocessor controlled with digital display Control Unit
    1. Accurate and easy to read bright display
    2. Timer and temperature settings
    3. On-board self diagnostics by displaying an error code on control panel
  6. Multiple functions and safe use
    1. Alternative heat or cool function
    2. Auto operation, Auto restart, Auto defrost
    3. Time on/off auto-set: No human attendance is require
    4. Inlet and outlet water temperature measuring
    5. All-around protections: Insufficient water flow protection, High/Low pressure protection, Overload protection, Compressor protection, etc.
  7. "Plug and play" with easy installation
    1. Optimized design providing simple electrical wiring and hydraulic connection
    2. Save installation time and cost
  8. Super quiet
    1. Noise-absorb structure, Noise-resistant insulation foam built inside
    2. Anti-vibration rubber feet provided
    3. Special designed fan and IP bearing for less noise and longer life span





Installation & Instruction Manual (Manual_of_T3_swimming_pool_heat_pump.pdf, 2,335 Kb) [Download]

Product Catalogue / Datasheets (Gemas_MEA_Heat_Pump_catalogue_2020-2021.pdf, 2,400 Kb) [Download]


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